lawsuits of
This is a lawsuit where Gary sued The City of Wildwood, three Wildwood
Commissioners, six Wildwood Police Department members, and left it open to
sue others.  We find this lawsuit VERY relevant to the situation of Gary being
Mayor and Commissioner of Public Safety.  

Here's a few questions to ask yourself when viewing this docket:
How can someone who is Psychologically Disabled be running a City?
How can someone who is Psychologically Disabled be running Public Safety?
How can someone sue people that he claims caused him to be Psychologically
Disabled and then become their boss?
Do you feel this would cause the individual to seek Revenge?
Is this a productive situation for the City of Wildwood and its Taxpayers?
This lawsuit was dismissed with out prejudice, meaning that Gary may revisit it when he's not on
the commission.  There are many claims in this suit but the one that were are pointing out can be
found under Section 23.

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Does Gary Think He's ABOVE THE LAW??
Results from the Harassment Suit that Gary Filed

To inform the Public, the Officer that issued Gary those tickets was Officer Chobert.  Does that
name ring a bell???  It should, that is one of the Officer's that Gary is accusing of sleeping on the
beach.  Do you think Gary may have had one of his hand picked men (Cooper) try to accuse
Chobert of sleeping?  Cooper supposedly saw Chobert sleeping.  Do you still feel as strong about
these accusations?  Does this slightly compromise the case?
Gary Can NOT implement or enforce Ordinance 828-10
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Once again a Judge has to rule that Gary over stepped his boundaries
How much more can the taxpayers be forced to pay for Gary's
poor decision making?
Karma?  Gary had accused Kathy Bruess of Official Misconduct back
in 2005.  Accusation, like almost all others, was dismissed.
The Amount that Gary has cost the TAXPAYERS of Wildwood for Lawsuits
where the City has had to defend him or represent him.  He currently has TWO
open cases that are known.  We will attempt to tally the results for these but we can
tell you he has not been very successful!

Does Gary just enjoy it when it's TAXPAYER Money??
Many more DeMarzo Lawsuits still to be