All About DeMarzo

We have become tired of the rumors
spread through out the City of Wildwood
so we decided that we would address
them.  We will be addressing many
issues that the Mayor states are
"transparent" yet for some
odd reason
many residents and employees are
unable to see them clearly.  
We will show where your tax $$$$ are
being spent and then you can decide if
you think it's right or wrong.  You would
think when a town is under great
financial stress that the Mayor would not
be giving out raises up to 26%, right?  
You would figure that $28,000+ for
decorations would be absurd, correct?
The City has been divided like never
before and we would like to provide
some info that may show why.  
Information will continue to be added to
the site as it comes along.  Thanks for
We wanted to research a few of the items
leading up to the recall.  We feel that Gary did
not want to move in a forward direction and did
what he could to make the recall seem all about
taxes.* We feel that many of the decisions made
by Demarzo were out of revenge but that is our
opinion only.  We will provide you with a few
documents here and hopefully you will be able to
decide for yourself.
Previous Mayor Troiano's Letter to Wildwood High School
and DeMarzo's Response

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Did Gary previously state that we need to look at all
options of cutting taxes?  Is he stating the same to the
public as he is in his letters?
Gary's Voting Record
How Productive can one be when they Abstain 271 times
and vote NO 101 times????

***Some of these were GRANT Money!!!
Gary's Unproductive Voting History!!!!

Could this be an example of, "If you're not part of the solution,
then you're part of the problem"?
Did Gary want the City to Succeed?
* March 8th, 2011
  • Gary and Samuel Lashman Have Been Charged with
Official Misconduct and other Charges

  • Solicitor Gallagher has been charging the Taxpayers of Wildwood for
duties that are clearly defined in his contract (info on his page)

  • MORE Lawsuit info on Lawsuit Page (Official Misconduct Attempt)

  • Great figures on the Layoff Page

Please go to Lawsuit page to see documentation.
Just some food for thought, Why didn't Gary attend the State of the Cities
luncheon? Why did he need to have the questions before hand? Why did he
think two weeks wasn't enough time to prepare him for the questions?
Does Gary Think He's ABOVE THE LAW??
Please go view the video and result to the Harassment Lawsuit that Gary filed after receiving
tickets for his offenses. (On Lawsuit Page)
*** Please allow add on for this page.
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That is the Amount of OPEN P.O.'s for 2010.
Mass Layoffs + Not Paying Bills = DISASTER